Viral RNA Extraction Kit

Viral RNA extraction kit   Catalog#:NH9532   size:48 pcs/kit; 96pcs/kit(automate) 200pcs/kit(manual)

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Product Description

NuHi’s viral RNA extraction kit is designed for providing high-quality , ready to use RNA from viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, and ideal for a wide range of downstream applications, including viral genotyping, viral epidemiology, and infectious disease research. To meet different needs, we provide both silica-membrane-based and magnetic-bead-based kits for choosing.

Key Features

●  Compatibility 

      · Support both manual and automated processing

      · Compatibility with various instruments for automation

      · Support 32/96 high-throughput

●  High Recovery 

      · The recovery rate achieve 90%, which is same as the Qiagen’s  kit (52906).

      · Consistent with high yield.


●  Superior Sensitivity

Nuhigh’s kit support large sample size input, which is from 400ul to 800ul. Compare with Qiagen’s 140μl input, we are able to detect lower copies under the same condition.


QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit(catalog#:52906)